Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sirdar Kapur Singh on non-violent satyagraha

Non-violent satyagraha is, at its roots, coercive and not persuasive, capable of conquest or designed to conquer through love or sweet reason. When its roots are bared and exposed, it is seen not as an act of spiritual transformation or genuine reformation, but a judo-technique of hitting below the belt and a skill of moral blackmail. Satyagraha, “holding fast to truth”, is a gloved first, a loaded weapon, for the question which Pontius Pilate posed to Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago, still remains unanswered, “What is truth?” In place of plain and frank jingoism: “My country, right or wrong,” in satyagraha, you assert : “I am in possession of the exclusive truth.” — Sirdar Kapur Singh

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