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Litterateur Extraordinaire

Litterateur Extraordinaire

A glimpse of the books penned by Bhai Sahib Sirdar Kapur Singh in his lifetime.

One of the serious blots on Sikhs has been that they do not write their history but create it. Kapur Singh would not have any of this. He created history not only by his deeds and acts, but also by the books and documents that he wrote. 
From the innumerable speeches that he made, the tracts that he wrote as responses to Sikh scholars who befuddled Sikh thought to the books that he wrote in Punjabi, English and French, each contribution was legendary. 
He lost no opportunity to rise to any occasion that the Shiromani Akali Dal or any other Sikh youth organization would afford him to create a semi-permanent or permanent
record which would serve as a chronicle of the times or would be a clarion call to meet the challenges faced by the Sikh nation. 
The ubiquitous Anandpur Sahib Resolution, the original one and not the later diluted and wronged version, were his creation. They Massacre Sikhs was his response as a White Paper published by the SGPC after the neo-Nirankaris killed 13 devout Sikhs in April 1978.
In the Sachi Sakhi, his autobiography is a testimony of the trials and tribulations of faced by Kapur Singh, the civil servant and as experienced by the Sikhs in postindependent India. 
All his books are a trove of treasure which the Sikh nation should cherish by reading it, re-reading it and learning from it.
4 March 2009

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