Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sirdar Kapur on gandhi

FOREWORD to 'Gandhi and the Sikhs' by Adv. Gurmit Singh.

I have carefully read the script of this booklet “Gandhi and the Sikhs”. The Author has rendered service to the cause of a scientific and objective understanding of the predicament in which the Sikhs find themselves with their own country. For the last one hundred years or so, the Hindu revivalism has demanded of the Sikhs:

[a] A renunciation of their peculiar religious personality and political identity; and

[b] an undertaking never to aspire for participation in political power when it falls into the hands of the Hindus.

The material that the author has collected well marks out Mahatma Gandhi as the most audacious and out spoken Champion of this basic demand of non-Hinduism of the 20th Century in relation to the naive and helpless Sikhs.

M.A. (Cantab): (Ex-I.C.S.)
M.L.A. (Punjab)

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