Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sardar Kapur Singh on Miri Piri

Explaining this concept of double sovereignty, Sardar Kapur Singh, former I. C. S. writes: “The main substance of this doctrine is that any sovereign state, which includes Sikh populations and groups as citizens. must never make the paranoica pretentions of almighty absolutism, entailing the concept to total power, entitled to rule over the bodies and 
minds of men in utter exclusiveness. Any state, which lays such claims, qua the Sikhs, shall automatically forfeit its moral right to demand allegiance of the Sikhs, and there is thus, an eternal antagonism between such a state and the collective community of the Sikhs, represented by the order of the Khalsa, and in this deadly duel the state shall never emerge out as finally victorious, for self-destruction is the fruit of the seed of non-limitation and the status and the prerogatives of the Khalsa are imprescriptible.”

- Failures of Akali Leadership, Dr Gurmit Singh (Adv)

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