Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sikhism vs communism -2

Socialism and Communism are not the same or even similar. For, though their slogans are similar or the same, they are separated by a moral abyss. The immoralism of communism is a basic postulate which stems out of its view of the ultimate Reality which the communists regard as the primacy of the matter over the mind. From the tautology that they do not differ entirely, no conclusion can be insinuated that they do not differ essentially. Dictatorship without popular support, without an independent legal system and without free criticism would seem to be a permanent feature and not a passing phase of the communist society. Communist society is basically a military society which accepts an unlimited military commitment that does not terminate till the end of “the class struggle,” a heritage from Marx himself. This commitment overrides all other merely “civilian” institutional safe-guards, and it rests on two fundamental beliefs, one, that communism embodies the will of the workers and it stands not for what they seem to want now, in the present, for what they ought to want eventually as conceived by their rulers, and, two, that nothing ‘funadmentaly wrong could occur in the Soviet Union, or the “Socialist Bloc” because the party of the workers was in power there, guided by an incorruptible top leadership dedicated to the cause of the golden future.
This and Sikhism never shall meet.

- Sirdar Kapur Singh (Social implications of Sikhism)

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